Private tour with our jeep

Duration: 2-3 hrs – Max.4 pax

We begin our day by visiting the picturesque Windmill you notice every morning from your room’s balcony. Then we start our exploring journey with our next stop at Kapsala kiosk, on the highest level of the road. This might take a while as you will witness one of the most breathtaking views of the island, not to mention we are always supplied with all equipment for an original greek coffee to accompany this 5 star view!

While passing through the forest we run on Kymissala Valley, the House of vineyards and pure Rhodian wine. Maybe the only non chemical wine on the island is produced here by our local wine maker, Manolis Karikas whose winery you will find at the entrance of Monolithos village.

Further down you will witness the necropolis of Kymissala. Kymissala also constitutes one of the most important and rather extensive archaeological networks in the countryside of Rhodes, with rare species of fauna and flora in the Aegean region, protected by the European Project Natura 2000.
Then we move on to the area of Vassilikos and while passing though this magical path with the huge pines and hives where the only thing you can smell in the air is honey, you end up in the heart of the forest in front of the smallest and most ancient monastery of the village, Profit Avvakoum. Once there, don’t forget to practice the tradition people follow for good luck, blessings and health, before they enter the monastery.

The journey is coming to an end with the most unexpected gift you can offer to your eyes..a secret ancient tower hit by crystal clear waters and wild waves, located right next to a big canyon. This is the part of the village where the sea adopts all shades of blue in one canvas.