“Sometimes it’s all about the destination”YOUR HOST, GIORGOS THYRIS

Our motto is one..
”Hospitality you cannot buy and you cannot sell. You either offer it or not”.

In 2008 at the age of 28, I left Rhodes town to return to the place of my heritage Monolithos village. My aim is to share the natural beauty of the region with the local and international guests, providing employment opportunities in the area and helping young people return to the village. I made enormous efforts and managed to make my vision a reality first by operating Thomas Hotel, in 2008 and most recently Monolithos Village Apartments, both located in Monolithos, Rhodes.
Today me and my partner put all our efforts, love and creativity to get people from all around the world to know the beauty we experience each day we wake up.

Thank you in advance for visiting our site and we will be honored to have you staying with us!

G. Thyris