This magnificent part of the island offers something for everyone’s taste: breathtaking scenery that takes you from mountains and hills through lush valleys on to inviting beaches or perhaps some quiet, unexplored corners with quaint villages and lone chapels or the ruins of old castles…


The Archaeological research at the demos of Kimissalas, in the south-western quadrant of Rhodes, in the area of modern Kimissala, just 10 minutes from Monolithos village, the Department of Mediterranean Studies, in the University of the Aegean is conducting intensive archaeological research on the ancient Demos of Kimissalas.

Research over the past five years has shown that antiquities are scattered in woodland covering an area of approximately 10 square kilometres or 10,000 acres. Kimissala therefore constitutes one of the most important and extensive archaeological sites in the countryside of Rhodes.

This network of sites is situated within the heart of an area of unique geomorphology, with rare species of fauna and flora in the Aegean region, protected by the European Project Natura 2000. Thus one of the prime aims of the University of the Aegean and the collaborating institutions is, on the one hand, to further enforce the protection of the natural environment and on the other hand to preserve and promote, in a sustainable way, the cultural heritage within this environment.

They hope to do this by creating an archaeological and ecological park at Kimissala. This will eventually result in the sustainable development of the semi-mountainous region of Attaviros in general, which is totally undeveloped today. The mountains of Attaviros and Akramitis are close to the Hotel and can be explored today.


Lindos village, one of the most popular destinations on the island and very well known for its particular style of architecture called “Arhontiko” as well as the majestic “Acropolis of Lindos”, is located only 20 km east from Lachania and is easily accessible by car.


Prasonisi, on the very edge of the island, the very famous paradise for windsurfers and kite surfers during summer time, is located only 15 min drive south of Lachania.

Over the years, Prasonisi has become the number one windsurfing spot and meeting point in Europe. Prasonisi is the Greek word for “Green Island” and consists of two bays, the eastern and the western, in the middle of which rests a magnificent sandy beach which by separating these, makes the landscape look absolutely fantastic.

The eastern side of Prasonisi is ideal for swimming, while you can take your first steps in windsurfing. The west side remains mostly wavy and that is why it is considered appropriate and suitable for experienced and professional surfers. Organised surf stations exist and provide full services.


The beautiful Monastery of Panagia Skiadeni (Virgin Mary the “Shade casting”), is located only 20 min drive southwest from Lachania.The hill is called Skiadi (“skiadi” = shady place). The monastery was founded around 1200, but the buildings that exist today date back to the 18th century, except for the chapel in the churchyard, which dates back to 1640. On the walls of the monastery of Panagia Skiadeni ancient marbles are embedded. Archaeologists believe that they come from a temple of Artemis, which pre-existed in that location. During the Lent period, the icon of Panagia Skiadeni is paraded in a procession that goes through all the villages of Rhodes. On 8th September there is a great feast in the monastery, where, besides the Rhodians, many people from Chalki also come flocking.