The Mill of Monolithos

The village records almost 28,000 trees (roots) and its Mill annually produces of one of the best qualities of oil worldwide. Harvesting starts each season from mid-November onwards where all families and friends gather together to help in this hardworking, yet very special and blissful process.

The specific type of olive cultivated in the village is called “koroneiki” and the secret that this oil retains its high quality is due to the fact that the fruit becomes oil as soon as it’s gathered, therefore the oil attains zero acidity. For this reason the Monolithos Mill operates 24 hours a day, in an effort to produce the entire village’s oil as soon as possible. Only the oil which is produced through this process can be called “Extra Virgin” Olive Oil.

Thomas Hotel organizes day excursions where guests can observe or even participate in the harvesting, followed by a visit to the Mill in order to have a general idea of the production procedure and become a vital part of this original experience.